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We are always after YOUR stories of club and individual achievements and anything else that may be of interest to fellow Orienteers. Email your story, with pictures if you have any, to the Webmaster.

Midlands Championships 2016

The 2016 Midlands Championships took place on Sunday 28th February at Sherwood Forest. They were hosted by NOC and the winners are shown in the table below (East Midlands winners in bold type):

M10Daniel FerraroNOCW10Daisy RennieLEI
M12Toby WilliamsLOGW12Florence LunnOD
M14Oliver LunnODW14Rachel DuckworthDVO
M16Matthew ClarkeSUFFOCW16Sarah DuckworthDVO
M18Harrison McCartneyODW18Ella GilbertNOR
M20Nathan LawsonODW20Julie EmmersonOD
M21Ben BeresfordNOCW21Kirston StrainOD
M35Glen RichardsonNORW35Helen ChiswellDVO
M40Roger PhillipsLEIW40Claire SelbyDVO
M45Richard ParkinDVOW45Julie FerrisLEI
M50Robert CampbellWAOCW50Lesley RossOD
M55Paul AddisonDVOW55Mary AdamsWCH
M60Tony FeltbowerODW60Jane BookerNOC
M65Andy HemstedHOCW65Hilary PalmerNOC
M70Doug DickinsonDVOW70Sheila CareyOD
M75Trevor SimpsonODW75Hilary SimpsonOD
M80Peter LeveringtonNORW80Alison SlomanHOC

East Midlands Championships 2015

The 2015 East Midlands Championships took place on Sunday 29th November at Birchen Edge. They were hosted by DVO and the winners are shown in the table below:

M10Harrington LeakeLEIW10Daisy RennieLEI
M12Charlie RennieLEIW12Rachel DuckworthDVO
M14Ethan TebbuttLEIW14Sarah DuckworthDVO
M16Alastair FlynnNOCW16  
M18Tom BarberLEIW18Elizabeth BedwellDVO
M20  W20  
M21Richard RobinsonNOCW21Liz HeatonLEI
M35David NewtonDVOW35Helen ChiswellDVO
M40Ben CraneDVOW40  
M45John DuckworthDVOW45Alison HardyLEI
M50Justin WilliamsLOGW50Amanda RobertsLOG
M55Kevin LomasNOCW55Val JohnsonDVO
M60John HurleyDVOW60Jane BookerNOC
M65Mike GodfreeDVOW65Liz GodfreeDVO
M70Glynn SmithLEIW70Pauline WardDVO
M75David AndersonLEIW75  
M80David ParkinDVOW80  

World Masters Orienteering Champs 2017

WMG2017 logo The World Masters Orienteering Championships 2017 will take place as part of the World Masters Games 2017 (WMG2017). WMG2017 will take place in New Zealand during April 2017.

Further details of WMG2017 can be found from the following link:

World Masters Games 2017

EMOA League

Details of the events for the 2015 EMOA League are now available. They can be viewed either on the League Page or as a printable flyer.

Nutrition and Endurance During Exercise

Tuesday 24th February 2015 - Andy Jackson of DVO has arranged a talk on the above subject to be given at Loughborough University. Although this talk was initiated by the EMJOS coaching program it is being opened up to the wider orienteering audience (and beyond) as is will be applicable to all ages. Coaches, parents, siblings and friends are all welcome!

Full details

Midlands Championships 2014

The 2014 Midlands Championships took place on Sunday 26th October at Longshaw Estate. They were hosted by DVO and the winners are shown in the table below (East Midlands winners in bold type):

M10Toby WilliamsLOGW10Libby BarberLEI
M12Felix LunnODW12Rachel DuckworthDVO
M14Ethan TebbuttLEIW14Daisy PartridgeSOS
M16Matt HartlandWCHW16Ella GilbertNOR
M18Nathan LawsonODW18Hannah CoxLEI
M20Matthew ElkingtonODW20Harriett LawsonOD
M21William GardnerODW21Kirston StrainOD
M35Martin PigottPOTOCW35Anne StraubeOD
M40Howard AlcockLEIW40Michelle MackervoyDVO
M45Paul MurgatroydLOGW45Alison HardyLEI
M50Nicholas EvansNOCW50Claire BushnellWCH
M55Paul AddisonDVOW55Caril DredgeWCH
M60Bob DredgeWCHW60Judith HoltDVO
M65Brian HughesHOCW65Sheila CareyOD
M70Peter CareyODW70Pauline WardDVO
M75Peter LeakeLEIW75Alison SlomanHOC
M80David ParkinDVOW80  

Photographs taken at the prizegiving
(Courtesy of Stephen Kimberley)

Two dates for you diary:

Monday 15th September - East Midlands Orienteering Association AGM
Full details

Saturday 4th October - EMOA Conference for Planners and Controllers Full details

East Midlands Championships 2014

The 2014 East Midlands Championships took place on Sunday 6th April at Cademan and Thringstone Woods. They were hosted by LEI and the winners are shown in the table below:

M10Ben HardyLEIW10Alith SmithDVO
M12Oscar WilkinsonLEIW12Rachel DuckworthDVO
M14Ethan TebbuttLEIW14Sarah DuckworthDVO
M16Tom BarberLEIW16Elizabeth BedwellDVO
M18Finn LydonLEIW18Hannah CoxLEI
M20Matthew CoxLEIW20Sophie GordonDVO
M21Richard RobinsonNOCW21Liz HeatonLEI
M35Roger PhillipsLEIW35Helen ChiswellDVO
M40Howard AlcockLEIW40Tanya TaylorLOG
M45John DuckworthDVOW45Alison HardyLEI
M50Ian HowellsLEIW50Amanda RobertsLOG
M55Mick LuckingNOCW55Julie StarkieLEI
M60Roger EdwardsLEIW60Judith HoltDVO
M65Andrew MiddletonDVOW65Liz GodfreeDVO
M70Simon FordLEIW70Pauline WardDVO
M75David AndersonLEIW75  
M80David ParkinDVOW80  

Photographs taken at the prizegiving

EMOA League


The final table is now available. The Prize Giving took place at Thieves Wood on February 2nd 2014.

Photographs from the presentation are available from the following link http://www.flickr.com/photos/116192882@N02.


Details of the EMOA League 2014 are now available from the following link: EMOA League 2014 (revised 24 February 2014)

EMOA Training and Development Day

As part of the EMOA's commitment to the initial training and development of event officials and those wishing to refresh their knowledge and experience we will be putting on another series of workshops and courses on Saturday 1st March 2014.

Full details

East Midlands Championships 2013

The 2013 East Midlands Championships took place on Sunday 24th November at Spring Cottage, a relatively new area on the Leicestershire/Derbyshire border. They were hosted by LEI and the winners are shown in the table below:

M10Ben HardyLEIW10Rachel DuckworthDVO
M12Ethan TebbuttLEIW12Sarah DuckworthDVO
M14Nicholas WilsonLEIW14Gabriel RawlinsonLEI
M16Rowan LeeNOCW16Joanna GoodheadDVO
M18Ben BeresfordNOCW18Sophie GordonDVO
M20  W20  
M21Richard RobinsonNOCW21  
M35Roger PhillipsLEIW35Hayley FoxLOG
M40Ben CraneDVOW40Catherine HughesNOC
M45Paul MurgatroydLOGW45Sal ChaffeyDVO
M50Robert SmithDVOW50Janet EvansNOC
M55Paul MorrisNOCW55Jane BurgessDVO
M60Mike GodfreeDVOW60Felicity ManningLEI
M65Andrew MiddletonDVOW65Liz GodfreeDVO
M70Bob AldersonNOCW70  
M75John WoodallNOCW75  
M80David ParkinDVOW80  

Photographs taken at the prizegiving are available at the following link: Prizegiving Photographs

Forest Challenge

For the fourth and final year NGOC is offering the orienteering board game "Forest Challenge" for sale. All profits will be donated to the Woodland Trust. Also on offer for this Christmas only is the new game "Urban-O", which includes "photo-O", "maze-O" and "string-O" games.

Details of the games are available at http://www.ngocweb.com/wpngoc-op/games/

EMOA Planners and Controllers Conference

Following the good comments received after last year's conference, another one has been arranged for the 27th April 2013 at the same venue (Rushcliffe Country Park). Full details of the day are available from the link below:

Full details

East Midlands League 2012

The final results of the East Midlands League 2012 are available from the following link:

EM League Final Table 2012

Please check the tables carefully to ensure you have points for each event that you attended. (You will only appear in the tables once you have competed at two events at the same level.) Remember, the computer does not recognise Sam Smith RAFO M8 as being the same as Samuel Smith LOG M10, even if they are the same person, and the organiser does not accept any responsibility for missing points if you have not used the same details at each event.

Please contact me at or 01509 412132 if you have any queries about the League.

The prize-giving will be at Charnwood Forest South on 20th January 2013 at 10am. If you are in the top three on your course and can not attend, please ask someone else to collect your prize on your behalf.

A Happy New Orienteering Year to Everyone

Ursula Williamson EMOA League Organiser

Development Programme 2012-13

Details of the EMOA Development Programme for 2012-13 and an application form are available from the links below. The programme includes Event Safety and Welfare courses intended for all Organisers, Planners and Controllers. It also includes courses aimed at both existing and prospective Organisers, Mappers, Controllers and Coaches.

Full details
Application form

East Midlands Urban League

Details of the new East Midlands Urban League are now available from the link below:
East Midlands Urban League

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